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Our Mission

whitney_topIt is our goal to provide the FOP Laboratory with the staff and resources they need to find the cure.

• To successfully utilize animal models of FOP zebra fish, fruit flies, and mice to learn more about the condition and find novel, yet safe treatment options.
• To begin trials of medical therapy and treatment options on humans.
• To provide the most compassionate medical advice and care for our patients

One of the most rare disabling genetic conditions known to mankind, FOP causes bone to form in muscles, tendons, ligaments and other connective tissues. Bridges of extra bone develop across joints, progressively restricting movement and forming a second skeleton that imprisons the body in bone. There are no other known examples in medicine of one normal organ system turning into another. 

Why should we care about FOP research?

The information obtained from studying this disease will have far reaching implications for the treatment of common disorders such as fractures, osteoporosis, hip replacement surgery, and other forms of heterotopic ossification that occur in trauma and burn victims.


• Affects 1 in 2 million people
• No ethnic, racial, or religious patterns
• 700 confirmed cases across the globe
• 285 known cases in the United States

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